Partnership between TCS and OPYO

New exciting partnership between TCS and OPYO


Pleased to announce a new partnership between TCS and delivers high end web-based solutions, supporting AR management, Credit Insurance policy lifecycle and working capital/cash flow performance.

Established in 2019, OPYO services are successfully implemented in domestic and global corporates.
The new service will allow TCS expand implementation of Excess of Loss (EOL) and Global Trade Credit insurance policies lifecycle, delivering tailored solutions to its clients – banks and financial institutions, leading global corporates and multinationals.

About OPYO – open your mind to natural order provides powerful web-based management and decision supporting solutions for working capital and credit risk management, aiming to help corporates improve control level of working capital drivers (AR, AP, INV) and cash flows performance.
Transforming financial and operational transactions to advanced analytics, our models and sensitive sensors are designed to identify inefficiencies/opportunities and call for immediate action.
For more information on OPYO:

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